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Pi-Tech is an Information Systems solutions enabler that has assisted numerous Information System development teams to deliver advanced, customised ICT solutions at highly competitive prices and within extreme time constraints.

 This is made possible due to the use of the advanced pGo technology that Pi-Tech has developed as a tool set for ICT systems deployment. The pGo technology unifies client server, web and mobile solutions and is assembled on a building-block basis with astounding efficiency and immense capabilities.

Whenever you have a gap, where your current systems do not support your business requirements, pGo can be assembled to fill that gap, much faster than you would think!

Especially if your requirements are still vague and your timescales are tight!

Sure, you could apply well known ICT solutions. Unfortunately, like most things branded, it would probably be more expensive, and not suited your unique requirements. pGo provide you with the 4th  Alternative: Branded re-usable components, but a total unique functional solution  in no time.

















pGo Provides you with the best of the three worlds but without the negatives! THE 4th  ALTERNATIVE.

 If you have a ICT problems, this is the company that turns problems into solutions, anything from:

7       Real time tracking systems,

7       Electronic Document Management Systems,

7       Enterprise Resource Planning ,

7       Financial,

7       Inventory,

7       Biometrics and access control as examples.

 Refer to the products page or services to find out how this is done, or contact us.

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PO BOX 72051, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040, South Africa
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General Information: info[at]pitech.co.za

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